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Evakko Säätiö Foundation

Visualisation of Churches, Chapels and Monasteries in Karelia

Evakko Säätio Foundation has previously implemented a project related with the suggested 3D-Bridge project: Multimedia - Orthodox churches and chapels of 1939 in Republic of Karelia, Russia and Petsamo in virtual reality (1996 - 1999, 50 months). The target of the 3D-Bridge project is the churches and chapels in the monasteries of Valamo, Konevitsa, Lintula and Petsamo. On the one hand, they represent popular forms of Bysantine-Russian architecture in the northern coniferous forest belt. On the other hand, they serve as examples of European architectural influences in Russia which are manifested as revival styles in the 19th century Karelian monastery buildings. The objective of the 3D-Bridge project is to reconstruct the interiors of the churches which were located on the territories of the Valamo, Konevitsa, Lintula and Petsamo monasteries and the architectural appearance of the region in 1939. Another objective is to place the monastery buildings on virtual maps. The illustration of the findings of the research will be realised in virtual reality in the form of multimedia and 3D-models.


The virtual reconstruction will be implemented as follows:
  1. Gathering and organisation of the research material in a database which will include photographic documentation and a survey of various archive materials and architectural drawings. (Churches and chapels in Karelia 4 months, monasteries in Karelia 3,5 months.)
  2. Reporting and recording the material in digital form (1,5 months)
  3. Software planning. On the basis of the material, software sketches for 3D-modelling will be created in order to present the churches, chapels and monasteries in Karelia in their 1930's state. Moreover, the existing database will be converted to www format (2 months.)
  4. Planning. A sketch will be made in order to present the churches in a virtual space in CAVE (2 months.)

Seminar output in Jyväskylä (November 10-11)

Visualisation of Churches, Chapels and Monasteries in Karelia, Republic of Karelia, Russia, Mr. Elias Huurinainen, Evakko Säätiö Foundation

3D modelling of Valamo Monastery (1930) in Republic of Karelia. Team Manager Marko Anttonen, Done Information Oy